Think small, think big. Think that you want a magic potion to heal your pain, but you don’t want to feel the pain,
but you have to feel the pain.
The pain isn’t there for you to get over it without being hurt. It’s there for you to go through it.
It’s there for you to dig. Dig deep inside of yourself.
The journey of understanding self is mapped out in the pain.
Find the root. Pull the stem. Snatch the root with it. Give it a hard honest look.
Look again.
And again.
Look as many times as you need. But truly see it. Taste it. Investigate it. Sit with it. Brainstorm with it. Talk with it. Listen to it. Cry with it. Learn from it. Love it.
The pain is real, but you can’t heal if you never look at it.

You don’t get magic in this life. You create it. You can’t create it until you face the source of your pain. Look at it, understand it. Forgive it. You can’t hang at the finish line, without running the race. Am I clear?

Photo by Colin Rex on Unsplash

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